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What time is it?  It's 12:30am Manila time and I'm awake like an owl! I have a lot of things going on in my mind and I can't sleep.

1) food. I want ramen, sushi, bbq, ice cream, iced tea of Wendy's, ramen, ramen, ramen. I'm not sure why, I had full meal for my dinner but I'm suddenly craving. But I can't get up to get them at this very hour. Poor kid!

2) music. I want to listen but I can't find my earphone. And I can't play them aloud because everyone's already asleep.

3) work. Because "deadlines..."

4) self assessment. We conducted a DISC (Dominance, Influencial, Steady, Corrective/Compiance) assesment. I am a dominant and every definition of a dominant person falls to my traits. And I'm thinking "since when" did I become that dominant. I never was. Or did I really not know myself so well?

5) our shoes trading website. I want to re-launch it but dot ph is too expensive and I don't want to use a new domain.

Parents. Baby. Relationship. Time. Travel. Previous travels. Future travels. Wants...the Lacoste shoes in Robinsons. LOL!

n) I have to get up early tomorrow so I have to sleep now. AND I can't sleep so I need to write everything down. No, I'm not writing down, I'm typing so might as well blog it. Then...  I'm blogging nonsense then I'm posting it to Facebook and everyone will think that I blogged a nonsense stuff. And i won't care because "I just wanna have an engagement on this page and hoping that Google will approve my adsense..." LOL! I'm sorry not. Heh! Ktnxbye!

P.S. I uploaded a throwback photo of me under the sea, unrelated to this blog item. Somewhat. But not really. What would Google do? #trolling XD

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  1. Hahahaha! Kulit! Okay lang yan, ate gerl! Miss ya!

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