"The Man in Yellow Suit" Is Just Out There

I guess this is the game of life.. If thinking twice is not enough, think thrice or more. Because just when the right time to be up there on the goal, you will encounter someone who will stop you and eat you.

He moves quietly. Pushing you to do stuff that you think is good for you, but the real thing is.. the thing that you do, it pushes yourself to do bad for yourself. He will use you. He will poison your mind, will push you to want more, and will teach you how to get it in ways that won't benefit you, but more for him. He will leave you blinded. And then he goes straight to the goal and he will win.

You wouldn't know who he is, until you realize that he is someone you thought is someone who walks with you. If you couldn't realize it at the right timing, you will lose. And you will think that you yourself did it and not him. So be careful.

Know who your real enemies are.


What time is it?  It's 12:30am Manila time and I'm awake like an owl! I have a lot of things going on in my mind and I can't sleep.

1) food. I want ramen, sushi, bbq, ice cream, iced tea of Wendy's, ramen, ramen, ramen. I'm not sure why, I had full meal for my dinner but I'm suddenly craving. But I can't get up to get them at this very hour. Poor kid!

2) music. I want to listen but I can't find my earphone. And I can't play them aloud because everyone's already asleep.

3) work. Because "deadlines..."

4) self assessment. We conducted a DISC (Dominance, Influencial, Steady, Corrective/Compiance) assesment. I am a dominant and every definition of a dominant person falls to my traits. And I'm thinking "since when" did I become that dominant. I never was. Or did I really not know myself so well?

5) our shoes trading website. I want to re-launch it but dot ph is too expensive and I don't want to use a new domain.

Parents. Baby. Relationship. Time. Travel. Previous travels. Future travels. Wants...the Lacoste shoes in Robinsons. LOL!

n) I have to get up early tomorrow so I have to sleep now. AND I can't sleep so I need to write everything down. No, I'm not writing down, I'm typing so might as well blog it. Then...  I'm blogging nonsense then I'm posting it to Facebook and everyone will think that I blogged a nonsense stuff. And i won't care because "I just wanna have an engagement on this page and hoping that Google will approve my adsense..." LOL! I'm sorry not. Heh! Ktnxbye!

P.S. I uploaded a throwback photo of me under the sea, unrelated to this blog item. Somewhat. But not really. What would Google do? #trolling XD

Feelings of Soon to be Mom

I can't believe I am now 8 months pregnant. It's an overwhelming feeling, knowing that my baby is about to come out. A baby boy! Although 9 months is not true because it's actually 10 months in count, I'm still amazed how this baby inside me is being developed every week.  Everyday, I look in the mirror and say, "Wow, I am a real woman with a baby inside me!" LOL! :))

So how am I feeling now that I am 32 weeks pregnant? Excitement and a bit of fear! Excited because soon, I will see how my baby looks like. I've been thinking about this since I've known about his gender. Will he look mostly like his father or me? How active he will be and make our days more exciting? Will he be a good singer like his dad, a painter like my friends, or is he good in Math like his mom? I'm so curious! This baby has been kicking and punching, and seems to be dancing inside me, and I feel more excited. My husband talks to him and it seems that he responds in a form of a kick. I am truly thankful for this gift, not only for the gift of life but also for the bonding that me and my husband have now. Somehow, I have some fears sometimes, but I try to ignore and think positively. You know, I am not sure how good I can be being a mom. I've lived like a baby being taken care of a lot of people around me. And soon, I'll be taking care of a baby. How good can I be? What's the future for me and my husband?

Being positive at all times is what I try to maintain. Because it might affect my baby's emotions. It's good to set aside the stressful stuffs and be feeling good at all times. Thanks to the people who care, understand and adjust. Thumbs up to my team in the office, to my dad to be, to my housemates, to our parents and siblings, and even to the strange people who are also giving respect! I learned to give back my respect. 👍

32 weeks, and I'm getting rounder! I think I'm really huge, but I still hope that I can deliver a normal birth. I've been praying for it. :) Here's the latest snap that we got. :)

Flashback: Good Girls at Bangkok Part 2

Day 2: Temple’s tour with Kitty. Malls tour.

Visiting temples should be one of the main parts of your itinerary during your visit to Thailand. On our 2nd day, we allotted our time with all the temples that we can visit within a day. Wandering around, I was amazed by how the people of Thailand worked and maintain all of those structures and Buddha’s. And they said, detail by detail, they worked on them by hand. Amasas!!!

Some photos I captured during the tour:

On the left is Kitty, our tour guide who is really kind. He takes care of us, even argue with some Thai in circumstances when they take advantage of some tourists. He explains everything about every history and story of Buddha and temples. It’s one of my favorite parts when travelling because I get to know the cultures of the place I’m visit. 

Wat Traimit. It is where the solid golden Buddha is seated.

This is the solid golden Buddha inside Wat Traimit. Kitty said that there was an unimpressive Buddha in the 13th-14th centuries coated with stucco and plaster. But when that Buddha was about to be transferred to another temple, accidentally, the gold hidden underneath was revealed. As they opened the feet of the Buddha, they discovered that it was filled of gold. Later on they formed the gold’s into a solid golden Buddha.

The Reclining Buddha inside Wat Pho.

The Reclining Buddha inside Wat Pho.

Around Wat Pho

Kitty while praying and giving praise


The view of Grand Palace in the field.

Feet of the Standing Buddha

Day 3:  Chatuchak Market!

And since our third day is a Saturday, it is a very good day to go to Thailand’s weekend market. Yay! This is the largest market in Thailand where more than 8000 stalls sell their goods. There are a lot of people going to this place, you might think that you might get lost in a very huge market as this, but don’t worry because you can get a map of the entire market from the walking policemen around. Also, the entire market is grouped into different sections numbered in series, like Soi 1, Soi 2, Soi 3, etc. and you can see those numbers in streets so you would know where you are in the map.

There’s a funny story though, when I lost Rose and Rita, and we have no contact with each other. I have been waiting for 30 minutes in our meeting place, but they did not come so I panicked. XD What I did was I went to the paging station and asked Rose and Rita to come over. That was really funny because the two cannot understand that their names are being called because of the Thai accent. So what I did was, I asked the crew that I’ll be the one to speak in the mic. J) We laughed so hard when we met. LOL!

Anyway, I wasn’t able to get a lot of pictures in Chatuchak because we were busy and the place is very crowded. Here are some pictures I got.

Foot spa to relieve the pain from walking!

Around Chatuchak

Day 4: Elephant ride. Floating Market. More malls.

My favorite part, feeding the elephant with banana

With our tour guide

Bangkok Village

Floating Market

That’s  all that happened in our DIY Bangkok  travel. Do you think we enjoyed the whole tour? YES! We did! And I’m missing the foods. I’ll post the foods we had later on. :)