Top 10 Things About Me

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Big news, I’m starting to blog. Guess why? Because Arra challenged me. It’s an easy challenge and I’m taking it! Easy! LOL! Wish I can continue, really. Because I was kidding. It’s not easy. It takes time and I don’t talk that much. I don’t even know if I knew everything about myself. Will this help? Okay, I’m going to answer these 10 questions on Arra’s post. I think it's a good start.

1. Two things that scare me: First worms.  And then if my servers go down. I’m not a fan of heart attacks. LOL!

2. Three things I love: Sneakers and my comfy jackets, Action figures, Italian pasta

3. How I feel right now: Sad.  Yesterday I found out that my guitar is broken. sheesh!

4. A confession: I actually thought I needed a psychiatrist, even before Arra’s friend, who knows how to read the chart of hand, told me that I have a high chance of getting crazy. I get extremely sad and depressed sometimes.

5. Something I fantasise about: Me, teleporting to different places. I first go to UAE to get my husband, bring him around Europe, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and everywhere! You know the Jumper movie? I really want to be a jumper ever since I watched that movie. :))

6. Something I'm talented at: I’m not aware, really. Well, I’m good at analysis. It’s something I think is not a skill, but comes naturally. 

7. My celebrity crush(es): Tom Hiddleston, Ian Somerhalder

8. An embarrassing moment: I was really drunk and I puked at my boss’ car. I’m not talking about the details! It’s really embarrassing.

9. Three things that annoy me easily: (1) i’m in a hurry and someone in front of me walks like a turtle and I can’t overtake (2) some obvious liars (3) sarcastic compliments

10. The reason why I started a blog: At first, for adsense. LOL money! But recently, I thought it’d help me be aware of my thoughts also. :)

Alright! I have no one to challenge for now. I’ll just edit. :)

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