Flashback: Good Girls at Bangkok Part 1

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I am one of the people who have been bitten by a travel bug. I've been in different places locally and I just wish that I could travel more. There are a lot of beautiful places in the Philippines and travelling every month is not enough to visit them all. But travelling to other country is a different experience that is also shareable and unforgettable! Last year, September of 2014, I had my first International travel. YAY! It was a super busy travel, but really fun.

This November, our company is bringing us to Bangkok! Woah! We're going back to Bangkok! I am so excited! I just couldn't contain the excitement so I'm posting some of our photos from last year.

Let's throwback! 

Here we are with my travel buddies Rose, my former officemate, and her sister Rita.

Booking: Good choice!

We booked this flight at Cebu Pacific Air with their 8 peso fare, a year ago before the flight. So that was around September of 2013. I like it when I travel with piso fares. It's quite too long to wait, but it's always worth it.
We came at the Suvarnabhumi International Airport at around 2PM. We took a cab to Saphaipae Hostel at Surasak Road, Silom where we stayed. It was my first try to stay in a hostel, but it was good. Better than what I expected. The place is a 5minutes walking distance from BTS so it's easy to go to places. For me, that is one of the most important things to consider when travelling to Bangkok. The place is clean, the staff are accommodating, they have a complete set of toiletries that you need. You can rent a bath towel for 50baht if ever you forgot to bring yours. Also, what I liked about it is that they have computers at the reception area that you can use for free. The locker is really big for a solo traveller. And oh, the bed is so soft! Softer than my own bed! 

So we just explored the hostel and then beauty rest. Getting ready for tomorrow's itinerary!

Day 1: Chao Phraya River and Wat Arun, the Temple of Dawn.

The Wat Arun view at port side.
Okay. So here was the plan for that day. We go to all known malls near us for the whole day so that tomorrow, we’ll just go for shopping at Chatuchak market, the largest market in Thailand, which is only open during weekends.  So we were walking going to Platinum mall when a gentleman-looking-guy who was wearing a barong and looking like an employee of Department of Tourism approached us and said that the mall was closed because it was Holiday that day.  He said that it was the best day to go to Wat Arun because it was not crowded at that time. He instructed us to ride a Tuk Tuk and said that he can get us one with a cheaper fare. He even showed us the map of the best way to tour to Wat Arun by Phraya River. The guy was really believable and of course, we are the tourists who didn’t read the travel tips, so we believed him and thanked him! We paid 2800 baht for the tour! Yes, that’s quite expensive. We thought it wasn’t! LOL.

BTW, on the bright side, we didn’t know that it was a scam, so we enjoyed the tour. We went around the Phraya River by express boat. It was actually good because we were able  to see an overview of the life of Bangkok. It’s quite a scenic view going around the city by the river.  Temples, palaces, beautiful architectures, market on the boat, the people settled beside the river, etc.

Here are some of the Photos we’ve taken.

People are  living alongside of the river.

Wat Kalayanamitr

Skyscraper - A high rise condo on Chao Phraya River, Bangkok
Then we stopped at a  port near Wat Arun. We were allowed to go up the temple to see the other temples surrounding it. Going up the stairs was quite difficult though. It was a steep and narrow stair to climb, but there was a handrail so we tried. It was worth it! The details of the Temple are really amazing! I can’t imagine how detail oriented those people are.  They covered the Temple with Chinese porcelains, which are evenly put by hands. The colors of the porcelains made it really beautiful. 

The Wat Arun Temple and those round shaped pruned trees are amasas! :)

That's my friend, Rose and that's the steep stairs that we had to climb.

Of course, I love posing like this in different beautiful places. haha!
After Wat Arun, we walked around until we saw the BTS. We decided to shop! So we went to Central Mall where there was bazaar of Thai street foods, vintage clothing, bags, and t-shirts that they have designed themselves. Cutesy arts and crafts. Everyday we shopped! Everyday we were full. LOL!  

Lotsa vintage clothing, bags, and T-shirts that they have designed themselves. 
There is the World Library that I wasn't able to explore because my feet doesn't want to move anymore! 
This is cute pic from Ocean World at the basement of Siam Paragon! :)

So that’s it for a Part 1 of my Throwback to our Bangkok Trip. Hold on for the Part 2 where I will write about what happened on our Day 2 to 4. J

kob kun kaa!

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